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Greater Boca Youth Soccer Association Inc. (GBYSA) is a not-for-profit organization which oversees a full range of youth soccer programs in West Boca. GBYSA is administered entirely by volunteers. Each year, GBYSA looks to community leaders like you to help ensure the success of our programs by sponsoring one or more teams and/or our organization in general. A basic, tax-deductible sponsorship fee of $1,300.00 includes the following:

Logo on Front of Four Recreational Teams Jersey


          Logo on Back of Practice Jersey for one APT Age group

  • Have “your” Logo on our web-site, linked to your site and Listed in our sponsor directory
  • Have your Logo on our Facebook Page
  • Club or team photograph “Thank You” Plaque
  • Acknowledgement in the year-end “Thank You” ad to run in the local newspaper
  • Our cooperation in distributing your flyers, coupons or other information about your business to our players and their families.
  • An invitation to the awards ceremony at the end of the season.

GBYSA/Boca United FC offers a wide range of additional sponsorship opportunities, sponsor acknowledgements depending on contribution level. For details, please visit the GBYSA Web site www.gbysa.org or contact the Director of Sponsorship at funding@gbysa.org.

If you would like to be a GBYSA sponsor, please complete the registration below. The amount of $1300.00, will be charged to your Credit Card at Check Out.