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About Us

Here are some of the values and ideals that we strive to instill in every member of our club, along with the roles of all of those who make our club everything it is:
  • Respect for all individuals – All of our club members are equally important, and accordingly all members will be treated with the utmost respect and fairness, without regard for age, ethnicity, gender or social status. Every club member shall have an equal opportunity to participate in play regardless of race, religion, creed or national origin.
  • Respect for our club – From the beginning we have strived to create a world class soccer club that encompasses more than just an opportunity to play soccer. Our soccer club is more than just about the game itself. We want to create and foster an environment that stresses the importance of family and friends and service to the community, while teaching all of our members the importance of the game in a fun manner.
  • Player Development – Our goal for players is to create a fun and age appropriate environment for all participants regardless of skill, physical stature, or experience.
  • Coaching DevelopmentCoaches play an instrumental part in the growth and success of the club. Coaches are both teachers and role models. We offer our parent and professional coaches an opportunity to learn more about the game and how they can communicate the goals of our organization so that they can reach their fullest potential.
  • SafetyIn order for all members to achieve their fullest potential in learning the game, we must provide all of our members with a physically and emotionally safe environment.
  • Referees – Structure is an important part of the game and life itself. We recognize the importance of qualified referees in teaching the game and developing our players to their fullest potential. Players are taught to respect the referees by the example set forth by parents, staff, coaches and board members.
  • Family – The success of our club rests solely on the participation of the parents that volunteer to help make our club experience better. Parents will support their children and those who coach their children. By working together with the Coach, parents can help teach their children the overall philosophies of our club, while promoting the development of their children and our club. GBYSA is dedicated to providing every member of our club with a rewarding soccer experience that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and an overall love of the game. We provide Recreational and Competitive play for boys and girls between the ages of 5-18, as well as, an Adult League for those that are young at heart.
GBYSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that is run by the hard work of dedicated parent volunteers. The mission of GBYSA is to develop and promote the growth and appreciation of the game of soccer by providing opportunities for our club members to participate in a quality athletic program that is organized, educational, and most importantly fun.