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Boca United FC

Uniforms & Spirit Wear

Uniform Information and Costs

Boca United FC has adopted a standard for all player uniforms and coaching staff apparel. Capelli is the official uniform and equipment supplier to the Club. Adidas is world renowned for its outstanding quality, innovation, product durability and name brand recognition. Teams are expected to adhere to the uniform and apparel policies at all official Club and team functions.

Once you have received your team assignment, you will be sent a link to order your uniform online, through a direct team portal via Boca United – Capelli Sport.  The Boca United FC uniform consists of the HOME uniform (White Jersey,  White Shorts and White Socks)  and the AWAY Uniform (Blue Jersey,  Black Shorts and Black Socks)  and the TRAINING Uniform is  (Black Jersey,  Black Shorts and Black Socks)

 All players are required to purchase the specified uniform.

Total estimated uniform: COST = $220.00 plus tax

All uniforms must be purchased through  – Capelli Sportvia the individual link sent to youThey are the only supplier of  the Boca United FC uniform.

Spirit Wear

All parents can purchase their spirit wear via Boca United – Capelli Sport.

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Hello Parents

Uniforms for GBYSA Soccer will be supplied at the first practice of the Season.  The Coach will hand out the uniforms. The lowest number is the smallest size and the highest number is the largest size.

Capelli Sports is our New Uniform Supplier.