For a Youth Sports Program, what is the moment when a person transitions from parent to volunteer Coach? It’s usually the “aha!” moment when they realize the program can benefit from skills they possess. Scott Edwards had that moment, and made that transition, nearly 13 years ago. Today, he’s still out on our fields Coaching, and as a result, our program has benefitted enormously from his efforts and dedication. In the nearly two decades Scott has served the Greater Boca Youth Soccer Association in a wide variety of roles.

Currently, he is a Division Coordinator for our GBYSA Recreational Program and serves as a coach in the same recreational program. Whenever a special need arises, Scott is willing and able to roll up his sleeves and step in to provide assistance. Those at the periphery of the club may not recognize the sheer number of hours or the wide-ranging efforts Scott volunteers to make our league and club programs run smoothly and well, but I, our board members, coaching staff and those involved with the club see it on a daily basis.

Successful youth soccer programs must have people like Scott to succeed and thrive, to have fields that are safe, well-maintained and properly lined. Scott takes this awesome task on with special zeal. But he is also there to assist with other aspects of running and administering the club as well. The Greater Boca Youth Soccer Association is genuinely happy that Scott Edwards had his “aha” moment years ago and stepped forward to volunteer. We as a club, and all our players, have been the richer for it, as have the thousands of young players who have come to our facilities and fields to play.
The FYSA “Recreational Coach of the Year” Award was given to Scott at the FYSA Annual General Meeting on Saturday Night in Orlando


Thank You Scott or all you do for GBYSA