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Boca United FC

Program Philosophy



  • Professionally coached training sessions

  • Age Appropriate Player Development Plan

  • Year-Round access to Club Office and Boca United FC Technical Staff

  • Access to multiple tournaments region wide

  • Travel within the Palm Beach County and surrounding areas for league games


We aim to develop every player on and off the field. Boca United FC’s focus includes teaching life lessons during the season, and helping the players grow in a positive environment. Sports have a truly unique quality which allows players to understand life lessons from a different view. 

Pride is a characteristic that we want our players to have within themselves, their team, their club and their community.  They should identify with the program goals as well as the mission and philosophy of the club.

It is recognized that to achieve big goals, smaller goals are needed to keep motivation high. We aim to teach our players to be ambitious and strive for excellence. Here at Fusion SC bite sized goals, and realistic goals, are given continuously. For younger players this is essential, as attention and task focus are hard to keep. 


Players are expected to exhibit a higher level of commitment than the Recreational division, and are expected to participate and be present for a minimum of 75% of the scheduled practices/training sessions beginning in July of the playing season.

Those players falling below the 75% minimum attendance level are subject to potential replacement by a player from the waiting list.  Players that are replaced will be given a chance to be placed on a Recreational team, space permitting. If no space is available, then he or she will be placed at the end of the waiting list for the Recreational division. Players falling below the 75% attendance requirement will not be removed by the coach, but will meet with the coach, parent of the player, and Boca United FC’s  coordinator to discuss the circumstances. The final determination will be made by the Coaching Director of Programs and the Executive Director of GBYSA / Boca United FC’s . There will be no refund of the Evolution fee after the refund deadline for players not complying with the 75% rule.

There are some Sunday games. Approximately 30% to 40% of the regular season, and tournaments, involve Sunday play. 

Practice/Training sessions with Professional Coaching Staff begin by the first week of August. Boca United FC’s will provide an opportunity to attend training camps throughout the summer, to help with player development.   

 Participation requires travel to away matches played outside of Palm Beach County. Teams may be playing more than 50% of their games away from Boca Raton. Boca United FC’s teams are guests of the host clubs and will conform to the playing rules and code of conduct of the host club (as may be modified by the joint playing league’s Supplementary or Consolidated rules). In short, the rules may be different than what you are familiar with, when playing outside of Boca Raton. Boca United FC’s teams are expected to represent Boca United FC’s with respect and dignity. The players, coaches, and spectators must conduct themselves with the highest standards of respect for the rules, the officials, the opponents, and their team. Any Boca United FC coach, player or spectator who is reported, documented or witnessed by any league official from Boca United FC, or another club, behaving in an unreasonable or disrespecting manner may be subject to disciplinary action as deemed fit by the Boca United FC Disciplinary Committee based upon the extent of said behavior and actions. Such actions could become cause for a coach/player’s removal from the Evolution program.


All players will be evaluated once training begins. Boca United FC information will be sent directly to all registered players. 


  • The Director of Programs will oversee the Coaches Selection Committee.  
  • Interviews will be conducted between May to June.
  • Coaches will be selected based on desire, commitment, license level, child participating, playing and coaching experience.
  • Coaches will be scrutinized and possibly rejected based upon prior year(s) unsatisfactory performance related to poor role modeling deemed contrary to ideals of Boca United FC and any documented disciplinary action.


The team formation will depend on various factors:

  1. Number of registrants in an age group, which determine the number of teams we can form
  2. Team Level of Play  
  3. DOC, Pro Coach  (when needed) internal feedback on player skill level and appropriate level of play for known or returning players.
  4. Field evaluations will be held for registrants when needed to determine a single team or multiple teams. Pro Coaches will conduct player evaluations and will be the final determination on placement.
  5. Previous year team performance in level of play

Placement on a team is not guaranteed.  Boca United FC will recommend other Boca United FC or SFFA programs if a registrant cannot be rostered on a team.  This may also include moving a player up at Boca United FC discretion.